Getting traffic to your blog from Reddit

Monday, May 30, 2011

Reddit is one of the leading social sites, With millions of members and readers alike it has become an Internet pot of gold! So how can you make money from Reddit? Easy... Reddit allows to post your own content, post's and web site links or even story's. How to use Reddit is very simple, its all comes down to the killer content you have. This includes the description for your link that you provide, if its a dull and boring title an description why would anyone want read your submission?

Bad title - hello my name is bob I have a site
Good title - Killer ways to make you drop dead laughing

Remember content is king and the article, web page, or post you're submitting should in some way give it's visitors what they are looking for, and even more ways to find what they are looking for.

Basically thousands of Articles, post's, Sites and other things are submitted to Reddit every second and users read through the submissions and vote it either up or down while leaving heavy feedback which can some times be very harsh. Never get discouraged by comments left by other users, Sometimes it can be helpful. Reddit can bring you thousands of visitors in as little as 1 hour depending on the value of the content you bring to the table, but if you are only there to sell something it can turn out very bad in the reddit world for you. Using Reddit to your advantage is really easy if done correctly and here's how... Reddit has many pages on different subject issues and each with hundreds of thousands of readers. Pick the page that best resembles your content you are submitting. Now submit your killer link with a EYE CATCHING MIND BLASTING title and description, but be aware that the members of reddit don't like spammers or junk so become part of their community and build a foundation with them. Don't just submit your own web site's because you just want to make money from their traffic instead have goals like..
  • Getting 100 people to post on your website or blog
  • Getting X amount of followers to your blog

    This line of thinking will have you focused on your content or site as compared to only getting traffic and money, because you will not get the traffic you want if your content is junk or a page full of trying to sell some thing!

    Submitting your own articles is allowed but I wouldn't recommend doing this more then once a week or face the cold shoulder of Reddit's community and the label above your head as spamming for personal gain. So if you have a blog send in your post to reddit one a week or.....Wait for some one else to submit it which is allot better for you, but either way works.This does work! just remember it's in your hands.
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    Simple tips to get blog traffic

    Simple tips to get you traffic
    Getting to the high rollers club of huge blog traffic isn't easy and you may find yourself becoming more frustrated.... that all your effort has been for nothing, well stop praying your site is going to one day get a lot of traffic and start making it happen and even if you don't have a site yet go and get one now. The sooner you get a site the sooner you will get traffic and make money. Learn along the way, everyone make mistakes, I know I have but it's the mistakes that we need to go through to learn how not to make the same mistake's again.

    You do not need collage to do this!
     To get blog traffic don't think you have to be some collage computer guru to make money online or to even have a simple blog. The fact is everything you will need to learn about (html) or (SEO) search engine optimization and getting traffic is online. This must have information is available 24hrs a day 7 days a week on the Internet, and a page just like this one.

    5 ways to reach your 1000 site visits per day
    • Get a blog or hub page or squidoo page
    • Be patient, it will happen if your smart enough to research how to get 1000 visits per day then your smart enough to make it in the online money tree and get traffic to your site
    • Send you post or articles, to sites like Reddit, Dig, Stumble upon and other social sites like face book, twitter and get on your way to 1000 site visits per day. Create fan pages for free and promote everywhere, but never post the same thing. Try to reword your description so google will pick on the same articles with different descriptions
    • Never stop writing, make 2 or 3 articles or posts per day...more is better and if you have a blog from blogger or word press then your on fire because search engines can index all of your pages and post. So if you have 500 post's and allot of them get on google because of the dominating mind blasting content you've got a huge stream of traffic
    • Paid advertising like google ppc isn't good while your site or page is still new. Wait a while check how the traffic from social sites interacts with your site, If there not clicking your AdSense much and you have a very low CTR or You have affiliate ads or your own personal product or service and no ones buying well paying for AdWords would be kinda pointless. You would end up paying more for AdWords then your site would be making. So instead focus on the free traffic sources like the one mentioned about or even try Craigslist and promote your site there. The traffic will come in loads so be ready
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    Can you make money with blogspot

    Sunday, May 29, 2011

    What is the best solution to make money in blogger
    you are an experienced blogger you might already know the answer but for new bloggers finding ways to earn money from their blog can seem difficult at first. Assuming and not to be cruel but you blog most likely is not receiving 100,000 visitors a month so truly making money from adsense will be hard to say the lest and depends on your niche, but using affiliate programs is a great way to make money and the very best part! you do not need a ton of traffic. Basically affiliate programs offer products or services to your blog readers and when they buy you make a commission.

    Ok so you use blogspot a free blog hosting format
    Even if you do not have your own domain name it is still possible to make a living from blogging. Many and I repeat many people use googles blogspot for free and make a ton of money when they learn how to turn their blog into a money pool. Even if you have a blog with as little as 10 visitors per day can make a hundred or more dollars per month using affiliate programs and the more traffic you have the more you make. You see it does not matter whether you have a fancy dot com or dot net, because to a person coming from google it just does not matter. Most affiliate programs have a conversion rate from 1% to 10% with qualified clicks meaning if you have a blog post about presents for men and then you use an affiliate program about presents for men, 1 to 10 out of 100 will buy no matter what hands down these are the odds and they do not change. These are fluid numbers though, depending on how you promote the affiliate program can increase the conversion rates.

    Final thoughts
    I deliberately chose not to make this hub elaborate because I do not want to get off track and ramble on and on. You obviously came to this article to find out how to earn money using affiliate programs for blogger or any other platform and I want to get right down to helping you find your answer and I hope I did. I try to write useful hubs to help others so they do not have to go through what I did and the years of grueling intensive searches on learning about blogging.
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    Making pictures - images not clickable in blogger

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    In some cases you may not want users to be able to enlarge or click your uploaded images from blogger. When you try searching for solutions you get pretty complicated answers but there is a very easy way to do this.

    For images you want to upload and make not clickable
    If you are about to put a picture on blogger this is what you must do so no one can enlarge the picture or click on it. First upload like you normally would in the post editor in the compose and place it where you want, then once you have it in place switch over to edit html section and find where the image is in the code. It will look something like this

    Now copy this part below

    Now remove this part from the image code

    Add the part you copied at the end of the code like this

    Now do you see the </a> well remove it as well. Leave the whole part of the div from the beginning and at the end intact because blogger did this to position your picture. If you don't get it at first do not worry just try again because this 100% works every time. I guess I should make a point of stating this works with the new post editor and I do not think it works with the old one. Now you should have pictures where users cannot click on them to resize.

    This also works with pictures you already have posted to blogger but sometimes if you had text beside the picture it gets moved around if you do not do this correctly so just play around with it and use the method I gave you.
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    Too many blog comments for links

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    I somewhat touched upon this in the article backlinks can get you banned but I feel like a little more is needed to to understand how and why putting your link on other blogspot blogs is dangerous if over done. On a personal side I will explain some things I learned about blog comments and even my own frustrations. When I first started out I knew nothing and I do mean NOTHING! to its fullest extent. I was a blog hungry newbie thinking if I just read some articles about how to go about it and getting backlinks I would be sitting happily perched in my chair with a wide grin and that's just what I did.

    Within a couple of days I thought I knew it all because I jotted notes for articles I read and was ready to write and get some backlinks to my quality content and that's what I also did. Now at first this seems like a good way to start off right, but was the information I read accurate enough to trust my many hours of hard work blogging? in the end I learned no, it wasn't and I will tell you why. When you first start out, you are told again and again to post blog comments on other blogs in your niche to get links back to your blog, but what you are not told is how often annoying it is to the persons blog you are posting your link on. For instance lets say you find this article you are reading and figure why note post a link to your blog and offer some nice comments in the process with a comment like:

    Hey great blog, I have my own blog and it's filled with good stuff maybe you might check it out sometime at ( your url )

    Now if you cannot understand what is wrong with that comment I seriously think you should rethink your blogging career. What seems nice and a good intention at first turns into me reading your comment like this "blah blah thanks for the backlink" and not just me but other bloggers too. One issue why many bloggers do not like having a bunch of spammy links in comments is because it can hurt their own rankings in search engines with hundreds of links to new or low pr sites and generally when one blogger sees a link like that posted they feel its ok for them to also post a link and so on. Now you have a blog full of spammy people trying to push their own blog to get a backlink.

    I have to admit to you I kinda did the same thing at first but not to the extent that some do it. I would post a link like that maybe once a week or two and found it to be very frustrating because my comments where moderated many times to break my link thus eliminating the point of doing it in the first place. So pretty much I stopped except for a few conditions such as when I would read comments and the blog author would ask for advice or input from others or link to my blog only when someone would directly ask for a helpful link to gain advice.

    The real turning point was when my blogspot blog started to get real traffic and I would wake up in the morning to see 5 comments on my blog all in the purpose of other bloggers getting backlinks. I started to open my eyes and I finally realized and woke up to the fact that getting back links this way wasn't the right way to go about it. It got so bad some days that I would remove a spam comment just to have the same person try again and I would also remove it and would you believe again they tried. The resulting outcome from this lead me to moderate my own comments and now you see the connection, before my comments were moderated and I wondered why and now I do the same and I know why. What this should all mean to you is just to sit back and think, would you like it if some one was spamming your blogger blog comment section?

    Posting blog links can get your reported for spam

    The very negative side to posting your link on a ton of blogs is thinking about it statistically. If you try to get a backlink on 100 blogs its possible that one person in that field would report your blog to blogspot for spamming. One report is not so bad but if another and then another person does it to you then you only end up with one conclusion and that is your blog being deleted. Yes this does happen very often and all it takes is a simple google search to see thousands crying about their deleted blog and how they did nothing wrong. Just imagine waking up to find your blog deleted....

    I am not saying never do it but just keep it in mind that if you come across like a spammer what can happen. I hope this fully explained some of my own mistakes and this article is able to help you become a better blogger.
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    Building backlinks can get you banned

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    After reading so many horror stories I decided to write this article to better inform the new blogging community about a problem that usually ends with a new bloggers site getting banned from google due to spam. When you first start out blogging what is the first thing you do? most research on google about how to blog, build traffic to their new blog, adsense and backlinks and so on. There is a deep rooted issue here and to me it seems very funny most established bloggers don't touch this subject like it is a conspiracy or something and it relates to not building backlinks yourself.

    When you do a google search about getting traffic to a blog the top two suggestions are, write quality content and get backlinks by which ever means possible. Now the first is true and is a golden rule but the second blows my mind away. You may not understand this at first so please read on.

    You may be shocked to learn the biggest reasons for a blog getting a slap from google are, duplicate content and spam. So whats the deal right, getting backlinks isn't spam, are you sure? You see you have to look at this from a new bloggers perspective, When they or you research how to build a great blog and get traffic to it and you/or they read something like this below

    Get backlinks by posting in forums, submitting to article directories, comment on other blogs, buy links, get 10 to 100 backlinks a day and never stop getting backlinks

    They or you could be committing blog suicide. How? well lets focus on how a new blogger interprets this. They only really have one interpretation and it is to follow that advice word for word without deviating. So they go on their way buying links making comments on fellow blogs, forums and so on, on a daily basis until they awake one day to find google hates them now and wiped their site from it's search engine. Then reality sets in, something went wrong it must have, because they followed the advice from professional bloggers. They wrote that good quality content, they got those backlinks, they did the work you are suppose to do for a blog to make it on the big G and yet their blog was penalized or even worse removed but why, how, whats going on here?

    The next few steps are made almost exactly the same for every person. They search on google for the problem, sometimes for hours and days or even months to the best of their ability only not to find an answer to their exact problem. Then almost like clockwork they head to googles help forum, which in my opinion is a bloggers nightmare. First let me rant on about googles so called help forum. It just doesn't work, the users on their promote their own websites when people go looking for help just to make themselves money"disgusting" also a blogger will get slammed up the you know what when they post a topic asking for help by the community and usually will never get the help they seek. When that fails they head to forums for help, which is much better but still real sensible advice is hard to come by and is almost like hitting the lotto to find a person that went through the same problem and found the answer that the new blogger is looking for.

    Then this is the crucial turning point for what determines if a person will ever make a living in blogging. They keep searching and learning and building new blogs or back to the 9 - 5 job. Now if you are smart or they are smart enough to realize the first option is best then your in the right direction. Over time one learns the back linking that was done got them banned. All it takes is a few to report your blog for spamming or eventually google to pick up 10,000 backlinks to a new blog on a bunch of low PR blogs or websites to realize you have been up to no good. Also google keeps track of link farms and sites that offer link buying and eventually will catch it.

    So what the hell right, you only did what other bloggers said to do and besides how is getting backlinks spamming? ah ha but it is the fashion in which these backlinks are collected. Look if it was that easy to just make a blog and get 1 million backlinks, I think every one would do it, but it is much more then that. Do some research and you will see many top bloggers caution about building backlinks in an unnatural way, because they know what can happen. For the most part any person can slap a blog post up telling you to get back links when they do not even do it themselves or they are new as well and just want traffic from people like you searching how to get traffic. You may be starting to understand now at lest I hope you are. For the life of me I can't comprehend the lack of bloggers willingness to get down to business and explain how dangerous building back links to fast can hurt a blog. Sometimes google is slow to pick up and a person can start to make a living from getting backlinks at a fast furious pace, improving their page rank because of all those back links and getting tons of traffic. Then after a year google finally catches on or they make a algo change and bam bye bye blog.

    Here is how you should get backlinks
    Whether you take this advice or not, whether you built 10,000 backlinks in a month, it simply is risky and no one can deny it, that has any experience as a true blogger. So this is my system for getting proper backlinks.

    Back links from forums - Yes you can use a forum to get back links and even have the back link in your orum signature but do not put your link in your forum signature in every post if you have the option not to. Also when posting links in a forum keep it to under 5 per month besides the forum signature.

    Commenting on other blogs - Look unless the said blog you want to comment on has a high page rank it self, do not put a link on it. First if you put links on a low PR blog like this one is right now it actually can hurt your blog rather then boost it. Second is how much traffic will come from these blogs? not much while they have a low PR. I once had the same person try three times to post their link on another blog I have and every time I deleted their spam comment they tried again, Do not be like that person, those are the people that get reported to google for spamming. If you feel you must do this, keep it to under 1 a month.

    Buying links - Never do this or ever join a link farm

    Using hubpages or squidoo - Yes do this, but only make a few with a link, not 1,000 because they will ban you, you won't even have to worry about what google will do.

    Blog directories - Yes you can use them, but avoid the directories which ask for a reciprocal link, You will never see this on a professional bloggers website. It looks like crap having 100 little links all over your site to blog directories. Submit to a few and that's it.

    This is the reality you must understand, you are not going to make it rich in a few months! it will take time even a year or a few years for your blog to even make a few thousand dollars per month but over time it could and much more if you just get the get rich scheme out of your head. Be natural the best back links are natural ones. Let people link to your blog on their own, this takes a long time but you will never be in trouble with google this way and people search your site will respect you more because they wont see your link slapped everywhere on the net. So how can you get traffic then or increase your PR. This has nothing to do with traffic because I assure you all it takes is one good article submitted to social sites like Reddit to get 10,000 visits in a single day, NO JOKE. A blog works like this, one person tells another, those two tell two more and so on. Also if you have good content over time google will boost your rankings with age anyways, then you get more visitors from google and more people link. I hope I explained this well enough to help you on your way because I truly do not want to see you somewhere in googles help forum crying that your blog was removed. I care because I had to learn the hard way.
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    Making money from your blog

    Saturday, May 7, 2011

    So maybe you are new to blogging or maybe you just want to monetize, either way I am sure you have thought to yourself - How can I start making money from my blog. The answer may not be ask complicated as you think. There are many ways to achieve this most strive after adsense revenue, but this is the worst option and requires master bloggers to gain any real income. The best way in my opinion is to use affiliate programs to offer services or products your readers actually want instead of any old random ad flashed in their face. I am not saying do not use adsense just avoid the hype and realistically think what can be the best money earner and how your blog is best suited to make a living. Let me tell it this way, lets say you have a blog about web hosting, reviews on that topic or want to recommend a great web host to others, would it not be reasonable to offer the service you recommend to others while receiving a commission when your readers sign up for that great host? In many ways making money from your blog using affiliate programs is a great way to connect with your readers and find what helps them best and what just doesn't fly.

    The frown on advertising in blogs
    So many bloggers rant about using advertising in a blog and shrug off the usefulness of what it can mean for their web visitors, but the funny issue here is they all eventually fall in line and start displaying ads to help the cost of blogging full time. Generally one who is knew to blogging feels at first making money some how is a grand sin so they rant and rave about how you shouldn't fall into the evil money pit, but honestly are you really going to blog for the next 10 years for the fun of it? or are you going to blog, have fun and make a living helping others do what you love.

    Final thoughts
    Once you come to the decision that you want to make money from your blog, affiliate programs are a great way to step you in the right direction. We highly recommend a program called Affiliate Future
    They have great customer experience and overall their program is easy to use and understand. By far one of the best affiliates to make money with your blog in the world. Sign up with them today, its free and always will be. No scams or trials to be seen anywhere just a good sold program to earn money from your blog.
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    Is my site in the google sandbox

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    For one minute stop having a panic attack because your new website or new blog disappeared from google search. I recently went through this, not on this blog but another. One of my blogs which was 3 weeks old was jugging along at 60 organic search hits per day and I was very satisfied with it then....One morning I awoke and was ready to check up on my blog to only find or should I say, only not to find my site anywhere on google or at lest the 500 pages that i checked. My heart raced I started to panic thinking all my hard work was gone, simply gone. I ran to the google help forums, which was no help, then ran to get google to reconsider my site for the search engine, sent them a big whopping email and begged them to reinstate my blog. In the meantime I researched more and more almost non stop to figure out what I did wrong, but I just couldn't find anything wrong which frustrated me. All I kept seeing on this topic was people saying if my site was new and I could chuck this up to the google dance or I did something wrong or had to many affiliate ads, or spammed the net and thus why my blog was in the google sandbox.

    Then as if that wasn't enough they said it could take a year! to get out of it "Oh no!" I cried. After I came back to reality I thought hey if my site is in the google sandbox I will just write 100x more articles and get yahoo and bing search engines to like me, so away I wrote. After 20 articles that day I was tired and decided to go to sleep, are you ready for this? Would you believe the very next morning I woke up I was about to start work again only to have checked my stats on the blog to see a huge amount of traffic back from my old friend google. That's right the very next day! I almost peed myself with joy I was so happy and even happier I proved them all wrong.

    In one day my little blog proved three theory's wrong, google had sand and I had a shovel. I am sure you have read that if your blog is new you get a first artificial boost in traffic then your site drops to where it would naturally appear, apparently back in the 500 pages and would have to build it's way up, WRONG! unless you have spammed or link farmed or have useless content and you target keywords then you will be fine. Build up from page 500 I don't think so! the very next day my blog jumped back higher on the search engines then every before and has stayed there ever since.

    The second thought that buzzes around is if you use or make affiliate pages, what a load of BS. I was worried at first because I did make some affiliate pages and though this was the problem, but as long as your website has natural hand written content by you that is not copied you will be fine.

    The third theory is my site was penalized, again nope. This only happens if you are a bad person and go against googles guidelines which I did not.

    Are you in the google sandbox?
    I know you may be upset right now but please just give it time, if you are sure you have not copied content, have useless pages, or use link farms then your site should be back within a couple of days. One thought I had that makes sense was if google comes along to crawl your site and for some reason the servers kick out googles spiders then to google your site sucks and tells its daddy on you and puts your site to the back of the pack. Now when the googles spiders forgive you and return to find a nice healthy site they report back and can change your rankings overnight. This might have not been your fault at all and just a error that will correct it's self.

    It's really funny to see that all the top blogs are ready to tell you your site is in the google sandbox when there is many reason for why google flipped your site the finger, they all say 6 months is the average time in the sandbox and never below 1 week, really? how about one day if my site was truly in this theoretical place but google keeps hush hush on this so we will never know. Currently as I write this blog post I am reading another blog that says sites under 2 years old all get the sandbox, im sorry I have to be childish here and type LOL. You have got to be kidding me right? listen do not believe everything you read because sometimes they just write for traffic. If you need any help leave a comment and I will look into it and try to give you an answer on what may be happening to your site.
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    Making affiliate stores

    The key to a successful business is to be there managing the business and understanding your customers and their needs, but making use of a company who already does all the work and you just have to send them referrals is completely different. The concept differs in the being there part, building on a website to send customers to someone else and you still get paid for moving no product or any customer service skills has changed the way business is done on the internet. This is business on a whole new level where business meetings take place in your underwear on webcam and while you sleep your wallet is growing and inflating with no effort. Now I don't want to sound like you should not care about your web readers or visitors if you will, I simply mean the affiliate company does all the work. Now If you truly care which you should, sometimes the affiliate companies do not have time to answer emails quickly and therefor the people you send to them might contact you instead to get questions answered so take the time to help them.If you are running or making a affiliate store you need to be there for your customers, even though you don't have anything to do with the product or service you can still be there for the people you send to them.

    How affiliate stores work and how you can use it to your advantage
    You have two options here and both are easy but one is free. You can pay a web company to build a webpage around the affiliate you chose which can be pricey or you can build your own website or blog and build it around the affiliate and make money that way. I believe everyone has thought at one time or another " hey I want to start a business" but then came to realize how much effort and money goes into building one from scratch. So naturally using a business that is already in place in the form of affiliate programs is a sure fire way to fill that piggy bank. Imagine it this way if someone approached you and said I will get you all of my products, store and branding if you just help send the customers my way and I'll pay up to 35% to you of what the customer buys, wouldn't you? People who make affiliate stores do very well and so can you.
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    Are affiliate programs illiegal

    Depending on where you live in the world some affiliate promotions are a grey area usually not enforced but still resides in grey land. The poker community for starters can be illegal to promote in some regions, especially when age comes into play. Liquor and tobacco is another instance of grey areas for you to promote. I am not saying do not do it, I mean I have not ever heard of some one getting a knock on the door for using a affiliate programs since one is truly not responsible for the operation of the affiliate program and any legality issues that come for the ride, you are simply pointing people where the websites are. Now if you are telling people to break the law by using a certain affiliate then well it may just be illegal and ultimately the area in the world which you live will play a major role. So if you are going to promote a program that is in a grey area be careful on which words you use to pre sell the affiliate.
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    Making a living using affiliates for blogs

    By far this is the most interesting idea, working from home and making money has all of us dreaming away of what could be. Wait what could be or should we say what is going to be! Making a living from using affiliate ads is 100% possible, it all boils down to how much time you have to invest in writing on your blog or even making a affiliate store. You do not need to even worry about hosting your own blog on a server where you pay an arm and a leg. Take this blog for example which is hosted on blogger, a free blog platform that anyone can use. So just to grasp this concept I am talking about think of it this way, you do not need to pay for anything, work when you want and how you want, and pay absolutely nothing ever and only receive. This is like taking candy from a baby Which do not do you mean person.

    How much money can you make using affiliate programs
    Many factors make up calculations including time, type of ads, quality of your blog or website etc. In most cases affiliates pay from 5% of the sale up to 35% yes there can be higher but do not expect to find higher commission rates. Basically you have a affiliate ad on your site and when someone clicks you have a chance of them buying and if they buy you will receive anywhere between 5 - 35% of the price or item they bought. So you want numbers right? ok here is an example: 10 sales of 50.00 = the possiblity of receiving a commission of 25.00 dollars to 175.00 dollars. If is was 100 sales the top end would be 1750.00 and lets say 500 sales the possibility of 8750.

    Don't worry about thinking oh my god 500 sales because really if you want a reality check all you site needs is about 50,000 visitors a month which if you do your home work is not hard to achieve. It may be much easier though because we based that on 50.00 dollar sales now imagine at 250.00 dollar sales, then the number of visitors you need to convert is much smaller. Now this may shock you but it shouldn't because I am hoping you did not think you could become well off tomorrow. Over a span of a year to 5 years you can make over 10,000 a month and is up to you if you will. Really the sky is the limit with affiliate programs just consider this is a business and if you go to any business owner down the street and ask if they became rich the next day after opening their doors, I am sure this will induce a full hearty laugh.
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    Should I use affiliate programs

    Using affiliate programs are a great way to help provide the cost and time of running a blog or website. Depending on your niche you might want to hand pick the affiliate programs instead of just throwing up any old affiliate that has nothing to do with your site. Do not be worried that your niche isn't right for affiliate programs since there is hundreds if not thousands to choose from and implement and if wisely chosen they can become your sole income, of course that is provided you have done the leg work already and you took the time to build your website up without slapping a program without any traffic coming into your blog.

    Can affiliate programs make money
    This is an easy answer is: of course they can and you shouldn't feel bad about using them either. Many times a reader that comes to your blog will be searching for hours on google to find a product or service that is reliable and fail, so offering an affiliate ad to help your reader find what they are looking for is not only good, but helpful at the same time. When deciding to use affiliate programs one should only consider two things. The first is making sure the affiliate program is not a scam and has many reviews, positive reviews is a must. You do not want to use a program that many users are having difficulty with and there could be many reasons so just ask around and read up on the exact one you choose. The second is please choose the right affiliate for your niche for instance if your blog is about google then don't put affiliate ads that are about stuffed animals!

    Can you point me in the right direction
    Well I was going to save this for a later post but out of the top of my head I already can point you to a great affiliate program, The name is AffiliateFuture and they are one of the most highly recommended programs out there.

    Final thoughts
    Stop thinking should I use affiliate programs and start using them today, wasn't that a great final thought?
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    First post - The concept

    So here we go on our way to providing the information you search for without complicated answers. In this blog we will eventually cover affiliate programs, how to use them, why you should use affiliate programs, various other internet marketing idea's and website traffic topics. Sometimes making money only may seem like a joke, the light that you can see but can never reach. It does not have to be this way, in fact it is so easy but its not free money. You will have to do the work and the road is long but once you reach the end you can look back and realize you finally made it.

    Most web sites that offer ways to use affiliate programs or make money online promise 10,000 dollars per month by using their program or buying their  E book! are they lying? no is the simple answer, but getting to that kind of monthly income is extremely hard and can require years of work and not the next day fix they claim. More realistically expect to reach maybe 2,000 dollars per month in under a year and growing upon that year after year. There is so many variables that in this first post I do not want to cover the full expectations and explaining every detail, instead only to give you a brief understanding on what this site is about and how future articles will help you or guide you in the right direction, not give you the winning lottery ticket to success. I may be blunt and you will come to know this but I am tired of other pages feeding their readers bull, instead of truly trying to help them. I hope we can grow together, share idea's and learn for each other and I will do my best to share the knowledge I have learned.

    Although This website is designed to make an income, I am a true believer in helping others to help yourself and even though I do not know you, my heart is a kind one and I don't want people to struggle through life like I did where no one was willing to lend a true anonymous helping hand.
    READ MORE - First post - The concept

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