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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

For one minute stop having a panic attack because your new website or new blog disappeared from google search. I recently went through this, not on this blog but another. One of my blogs which was 3 weeks old was jugging along at 60 organic search hits per day and I was very satisfied with it then....One morning I awoke and was ready to check up on my blog to only find or should I say, only not to find my site anywhere on google or at lest the 500 pages that i checked. My heart raced I started to panic thinking all my hard work was gone, simply gone. I ran to the google help forums, which was no help, then ran to get google to reconsider my site for the search engine, sent them a big whopping email and begged them to reinstate my blog. In the meantime I researched more and more almost non stop to figure out what I did wrong, but I just couldn't find anything wrong which frustrated me. All I kept seeing on this topic was people saying if my site was new and I could chuck this up to the google dance or I did something wrong or had to many affiliate ads, or spammed the net and thus why my blog was in the google sandbox.

Then as if that wasn't enough they said it could take a year! to get out of it "Oh no!" I cried. After I came back to reality I thought hey if my site is in the google sandbox I will just write 100x more articles and get yahoo and bing search engines to like me, so away I wrote. After 20 articles that day I was tired and decided to go to sleep, are you ready for this? Would you believe the very next morning I woke up I was about to start work again only to have checked my stats on the blog to see a huge amount of traffic back from my old friend google. That's right the very next day! I almost peed myself with joy I was so happy and even happier I proved them all wrong.

In one day my little blog proved three theory's wrong, google had sand and I had a shovel. I am sure you have read that if your blog is new you get a first artificial boost in traffic then your site drops to where it would naturally appear, apparently back in the 500 pages and would have to build it's way up, WRONG! unless you have spammed or link farmed or have useless content and you target keywords then you will be fine. Build up from page 500 I don't think so! the very next day my blog jumped back higher on the search engines then every before and has stayed there ever since.

The second thought that buzzes around is if you use or make affiliate pages, what a load of BS. I was worried at first because I did make some affiliate pages and though this was the problem, but as long as your website has natural hand written content by you that is not copied you will be fine.

The third theory is my site was penalized, again nope. This only happens if you are a bad person and go against googles guidelines which I did not.

Are you in the google sandbox?
I know you may be upset right now but please just give it time, if you are sure you have not copied content, have useless pages, or use link farms then your site should be back within a couple of days. One thought I had that makes sense was if google comes along to crawl your site and for some reason the servers kick out googles spiders then to google your site sucks and tells its daddy on you and puts your site to the back of the pack. Now when the googles spiders forgive you and return to find a nice healthy site they report back and can change your rankings overnight. This might have not been your fault at all and just a error that will correct it's self.

It's really funny to see that all the top blogs are ready to tell you your site is in the google sandbox when there is many reason for why google flipped your site the finger, they all say 6 months is the average time in the sandbox and never below 1 week, really? how about one day if my site was truly in this theoretical place but google keeps hush hush on this so we will never know. Currently as I write this blog post I am reading another blog that says sites under 2 years old all get the sandbox, im sorry I have to be childish here and type LOL. You have got to be kidding me right? listen do not believe everything you read because sometimes they just write for traffic. If you need any help leave a comment and I will look into it and try to give you an answer on what may be happening to your site.


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