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Saturday, May 7, 2011

So maybe you are new to blogging or maybe you just want to monetize, either way I am sure you have thought to yourself - How can I start making money from my blog. The answer may not be ask complicated as you think. There are many ways to achieve this most strive after adsense revenue, but this is the worst option and requires master bloggers to gain any real income. The best way in my opinion is to use affiliate programs to offer services or products your readers actually want instead of any old random ad flashed in their face. I am not saying do not use adsense just avoid the hype and realistically think what can be the best money earner and how your blog is best suited to make a living. Let me tell it this way, lets say you have a blog about web hosting, reviews on that topic or want to recommend a great web host to others, would it not be reasonable to offer the service you recommend to others while receiving a commission when your readers sign up for that great host? In many ways making money from your blog using affiliate programs is a great way to connect with your readers and find what helps them best and what just doesn't fly.

The frown on advertising in blogs
So many bloggers rant about using advertising in a blog and shrug off the usefulness of what it can mean for their web visitors, but the funny issue here is they all eventually fall in line and start displaying ads to help the cost of blogging full time. Generally one who is knew to blogging feels at first making money some how is a grand sin so they rant and rave about how you shouldn't fall into the evil money pit, but honestly are you really going to blog for the next 10 years for the fun of it? or are you going to blog, have fun and make a living helping others do what you love.

Final thoughts
Once you come to the decision that you want to make money from your blog, affiliate programs are a great way to step you in the right direction. We highly recommend a program called Affiliate Future
They have great customer experience and overall their program is easy to use and understand. By far one of the best affiliates to make money with your blog in the world. Sign up with them today, its free and always will be. No scams or trials to be seen anywhere just a good sold program to earn money from your blog.


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