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Thursday, May 19, 2011

In some cases you may not want users to be able to enlarge or click your uploaded images from blogger. When you try searching for solutions you get pretty complicated answers but there is a very easy way to do this.

For images you want to upload and make not clickable
If you are about to put a picture on blogger this is what you must do so no one can enlarge the picture or click on it. First upload like you normally would in the post editor in the compose and place it where you want, then once you have it in place switch over to edit html section and find where the image is in the code. It will look something like this

Now copy this part below

Now remove this part from the image code

Add the part you copied at the end of the code like this

Now do you see the </a> well remove it as well. Leave the whole part of the div from the beginning and at the end intact because blogger did this to position your picture. If you don't get it at first do not worry just try again because this 100% works every time. I guess I should make a point of stating this works with the new post editor and I do not think it works with the old one. Now you should have pictures where users cannot click on them to resize.

This also works with pictures you already have posted to blogger but sometimes if you had text beside the picture it gets moved around if you do not do this correctly so just play around with it and use the method I gave you.


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