Making a living using affiliates for blogs

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

By far this is the most interesting idea, working from home and making money has all of us dreaming away of what could be. Wait what could be or should we say what is going to be! Making a living from using affiliate ads is 100% possible, it all boils down to how much time you have to invest in writing on your blog or even making a affiliate store. You do not need to even worry about hosting your own blog on a server where you pay an arm and a leg. Take this blog for example which is hosted on blogger, a free blog platform that anyone can use. So just to grasp this concept I am talking about think of it this way, you do not need to pay for anything, work when you want and how you want, and pay absolutely nothing ever and only receive. This is like taking candy from a baby Which do not do you mean person.

How much money can you make using affiliate programs
Many factors make up calculations including time, type of ads, quality of your blog or website etc. In most cases affiliates pay from 5% of the sale up to 35% yes there can be higher but do not expect to find higher commission rates. Basically you have a affiliate ad on your site and when someone clicks you have a chance of them buying and if they buy you will receive anywhere between 5 - 35% of the price or item they bought. So you want numbers right? ok here is an example: 10 sales of 50.00 = the possiblity of receiving a commission of 25.00 dollars to 175.00 dollars. If is was 100 sales the top end would be 1750.00 and lets say 500 sales the possibility of 8750.

Don't worry about thinking oh my god 500 sales because really if you want a reality check all you site needs is about 50,000 visitors a month which if you do your home work is not hard to achieve. It may be much easier though because we based that on 50.00 dollar sales now imagine at 250.00 dollar sales, then the number of visitors you need to convert is much smaller. Now this may shock you but it shouldn't because I am hoping you did not think you could become well off tomorrow. Over a span of a year to 5 years you can make over 10,000 a month and is up to you if you will. Really the sky is the limit with affiliate programs just consider this is a business and if you go to any business owner down the street and ask if they became rich the next day after opening their doors, I am sure this will induce a full hearty laugh.


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