Simple tips to get blog traffic

Monday, May 30, 2011

Simple tips to get you traffic
Getting to the high rollers club of huge blog traffic isn't easy and you may find yourself becoming more frustrated.... that all your effort has been for nothing, well stop praying your site is going to one day get a lot of traffic and start making it happen and even if you don't have a site yet go and get one now. The sooner you get a site the sooner you will get traffic and make money. Learn along the way, everyone make mistakes, I know I have but it's the mistakes that we need to go through to learn how not to make the same mistake's again.

You do not need collage to do this!
 To get blog traffic don't think you have to be some collage computer guru to make money online or to even have a simple blog. The fact is everything you will need to learn about (html) or (SEO) search engine optimization and getting traffic is online. This must have information is available 24hrs a day 7 days a week on the Internet, and a page just like this one.

5 ways to reach your 1000 site visits per day

  • Get a blog or hub page or squidoo page
  • Be patient, it will happen if your smart enough to research how to get 1000 visits per day then your smart enough to make it in the online money tree and get traffic to your site
  • Send you post or articles, to sites like Reddit, Dig, Stumble upon and other social sites like face book, twitter and get on your way to 1000 site visits per day. Create fan pages for free and promote everywhere, but never post the same thing. Try to reword your description so google will pick on the same articles with different descriptions
  • Never stop writing, make 2 or 3 articles or posts per day...more is better and if you have a blog from blogger or word press then your on fire because search engines can index all of your pages and post. So if you have 500 post's and allot of them get on google because of the dominating mind blasting content you've got a huge stream of traffic
  • Paid advertising like google ppc isn't good while your site or page is still new. Wait a while check how the traffic from social sites interacts with your site, If there not clicking your AdSense much and you have a very low CTR or You have affiliate ads or your own personal product or service and no ones buying well paying for AdWords would be kinda pointless. You would end up paying more for AdWords then your site would be making. So instead focus on the free traffic sources like the one mentioned about or even try Craigslist and promote your site there. The traffic will come in loads so be ready


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