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Monday, May 30, 2011

Reddit is one of the leading social sites, With millions of members and readers alike it has become an Internet pot of gold! So how can you make money from Reddit? Easy... Reddit allows to post your own content, post's and web site links or even story's. How to use Reddit is very simple, its all comes down to the killer content you have. This includes the description for your link that you provide, if its a dull and boring title an description why would anyone want read your submission?

Bad title - hello my name is bob I have a site
Good title - Killer ways to make you drop dead laughing

Remember content is king and the article, web page, or post you're submitting should in some way give it's visitors what they are looking for, and even more ways to find what they are looking for.

Basically thousands of Articles, post's, Sites and other things are submitted to Reddit every second and users read through the submissions and vote it either up or down while leaving heavy feedback which can some times be very harsh. Never get discouraged by comments left by other users, Sometimes it can be helpful. Reddit can bring you thousands of visitors in as little as 1 hour depending on the value of the content you bring to the table, but if you are only there to sell something it can turn out very bad in the reddit world for you. Using Reddit to your advantage is really easy if done correctly and here's how... Reddit has many pages on different subject issues and each with hundreds of thousands of readers. Pick the page that best resembles your content you are submitting. Now submit your killer link with a EYE CATCHING MIND BLASTING title and description, but be aware that the members of reddit don't like spammers or junk so become part of their community and build a foundation with them. Don't just submit your own web site's because you just want to make money from their traffic instead have goals like..

  • Getting 100 people to post on your website or blog
  • Getting X amount of followers to your blog

    This line of thinking will have you focused on your content or site as compared to only getting traffic and money, because you will not get the traffic you want if your content is junk or a page full of trying to sell some thing!

    Submitting your own articles is allowed but I wouldn't recommend doing this more then once a week or face the cold shoulder of Reddit's community and the label above your head as spamming for personal gain. So if you have a blog send in your post to reddit one a week or.....Wait for some one else to submit it which is allot better for you, but either way works.This does work! just remember it's in your hands.


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