Should I use affiliate programs

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Using affiliate programs are a great way to help provide the cost and time of running a blog or website. Depending on your niche you might want to hand pick the affiliate programs instead of just throwing up any old affiliate that has nothing to do with your site. Do not be worried that your niche isn't right for affiliate programs since there is hundreds if not thousands to choose from and implement and if wisely chosen they can become your sole income, of course that is provided you have done the leg work already and you took the time to build your website up without slapping a program without any traffic coming into your blog.

Can affiliate programs make money
This is an easy answer is: of course they can and you shouldn't feel bad about using them either. Many times a reader that comes to your blog will be searching for hours on google to find a product or service that is reliable and fail, so offering an affiliate ad to help your reader find what they are looking for is not only good, but helpful at the same time. When deciding to use affiliate programs one should only consider two things. The first is making sure the affiliate program is not a scam and has many reviews, positive reviews is a must. You do not want to use a program that many users are having difficulty with and there could be many reasons so just ask around and read up on the exact one you choose. The second is please choose the right affiliate for your niche for instance if your blog is about google then don't put affiliate ads that are about stuffed animals!

Can you point me in the right direction
Well I was going to save this for a later post but out of the top of my head I already can point you to a great affiliate program, The name is AffiliateFuture and they are one of the most highly recommended programs out there.

Final thoughts
Stop thinking should I use affiliate programs and start using them today, wasn't that a great final thought?


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