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Monday, May 16, 2011

I somewhat touched upon this in the article backlinks can get you banned but I feel like a little more is needed to to understand how and why putting your link on other blogspot blogs is dangerous if over done. On a personal side I will explain some things I learned about blog comments and even my own frustrations. When I first started out I knew nothing and I do mean NOTHING! to its fullest extent. I was a blog hungry newbie thinking if I just read some articles about how to go about it and getting backlinks I would be sitting happily perched in my chair with a wide grin and that's just what I did.

Within a couple of days I thought I knew it all because I jotted notes for articles I read and was ready to write and get some backlinks to my quality content and that's what I also did. Now at first this seems like a good way to start off right, but was the information I read accurate enough to trust my many hours of hard work blogging? in the end I learned no, it wasn't and I will tell you why. When you first start out, you are told again and again to post blog comments on other blogs in your niche to get links back to your blog, but what you are not told is how often annoying it is to the persons blog you are posting your link on. For instance lets say you find this article you are reading and figure why note post a link to your blog and offer some nice comments in the process with a comment like:

Hey great blog, I have my own blog and it's filled with good stuff maybe you might check it out sometime at ( your url )

Now if you cannot understand what is wrong with that comment I seriously think you should rethink your blogging career. What seems nice and a good intention at first turns into me reading your comment like this "blah blah thanks for the backlink" and not just me but other bloggers too. One issue why many bloggers do not like having a bunch of spammy links in comments is because it can hurt their own rankings in search engines with hundreds of links to new or low pr sites and generally when one blogger sees a link like that posted they feel its ok for them to also post a link and so on. Now you have a blog full of spammy people trying to push their own blog to get a backlink.

I have to admit to you I kinda did the same thing at first but not to the extent that some do it. I would post a link like that maybe once a week or two and found it to be very frustrating because my comments where moderated many times to break my link thus eliminating the point of doing it in the first place. So pretty much I stopped except for a few conditions such as when I would read comments and the blog author would ask for advice or input from others or link to my blog only when someone would directly ask for a helpful link to gain advice.

The real turning point was when my blogspot blog started to get real traffic and I would wake up in the morning to see 5 comments on my blog all in the purpose of other bloggers getting backlinks. I started to open my eyes and I finally realized and woke up to the fact that getting back links this way wasn't the right way to go about it. It got so bad some days that I would remove a spam comment just to have the same person try again and I would also remove it and would you believe again they tried. The resulting outcome from this lead me to moderate my own comments and now you see the connection, before my comments were moderated and I wondered why and now I do the same and I know why. What this should all mean to you is just to sit back and think, would you like it if some one was spamming your blogger blog comment section?

Posting blog links can get your reported for spam

The very negative side to posting your link on a ton of blogs is thinking about it statistically. If you try to get a backlink on 100 blogs its possible that one person in that field would report your blog to blogspot for spamming. One report is not so bad but if another and then another person does it to you then you only end up with one conclusion and that is your blog being deleted. Yes this does happen very often and all it takes is a simple google search to see thousands crying about their deleted blog and how they did nothing wrong. Just imagine waking up to find your blog deleted....

I am not saying never do it but just keep it in mind that if you come across like a spammer what can happen. I hope this fully explained some of my own mistakes and this article is able to help you become a better blogger.


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