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Sunday, May 29, 2011

What is the best solution to make money in blogger
you are an experienced blogger you might already know the answer but for new bloggers finding ways to earn money from their blog can seem difficult at first. Assuming and not to be cruel but you blog most likely is not receiving 100,000 visitors a month so truly making money from adsense will be hard to say the lest and depends on your niche, but using affiliate programs is a great way to make money and the very best part! you do not need a ton of traffic. Basically affiliate programs offer products or services to your blog readers and when they buy you make a commission.

Ok so you use blogspot a free blog hosting format
Even if you do not have your own domain name it is still possible to make a living from blogging. Many and I repeat many people use googles blogspot for free and make a ton of money when they learn how to turn their blog into a money pool. Even if you have a blog with as little as 10 visitors per day can make a hundred or more dollars per month using affiliate programs and the more traffic you have the more you make. You see it does not matter whether you have a fancy dot com or dot net, because to a person coming from google it just does not matter. Most affiliate programs have a conversion rate from 1% to 10% with qualified clicks meaning if you have a blog post about presents for men and then you use an affiliate program about presents for men, 1 to 10 out of 100 will buy no matter what hands down these are the odds and they do not change. These are fluid numbers though, depending on how you promote the affiliate program can increase the conversion rates.

Final thoughts
I deliberately chose not to make this hub elaborate because I do not want to get off track and ramble on and on. You obviously came to this article to find out how to earn money using affiliate programs for blogger or any other platform and I want to get right down to helping you find your answer and I hope I did. I try to write useful hubs to help others so they do not have to go through what I did and the years of grueling intensive searches on learning about blogging.


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