Are affiliate programs illiegal

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Depending on where you live in the world some affiliate promotions are a grey area usually not enforced but still resides in grey land. The poker community for starters can be illegal to promote in some regions, especially when age comes into play. Liquor and tobacco is another instance of grey areas for you to promote. I am not saying do not do it, I mean I have not ever heard of some one getting a knock on the door for using a affiliate programs since one is truly not responsible for the operation of the affiliate program and any legality issues that come for the ride, you are simply pointing people where the websites are. Now if you are telling people to break the law by using a certain affiliate then well it may just be illegal and ultimately the area in the world which you live will play a major role. So if you are going to promote a program that is in a grey area be careful on which words you use to pre sell the affiliate.


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